Vivamui Science Division

Turnkey Projects.

We can build your laboratory from scratch.

At Vivamui, we have the experience in building a laboratory from scratch. With our wide range of products, and our experinece with laboratories for many different applications, we just know what is needed and what needs to be done.


We have created laboratories for many different applications and research. And we are not limited to just laboratories for scientific research. We have created laboratories for language learning equipping the language labs with not only the equipment to conduct the lessons but also the furniture and the design of the environment so that it is the most conducive for learning.


We have created laboratories for research on fish and agricultural products. We have equipped one of Singapore's power plant's laboratory with scientific products and laboratory furniture. We have created forensic laboratories and and laboratories for research on narcotics.

Vivamui is well equipped to help you create the laboratories that you want because

  • With over 2,000,000 products, we can supply almost every item that you will need in a laboratory
  • Our experience working and supplying a large variety of labs means that we are intimate and extremely knowledgeable about research of all kinds
  • Tap on our global network of professionals for expertise and the latest know-how. Experts with our global brands will help you get the latest products and information for the most cutting-edge laboratory for your research