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Vivamui Scientific Products

World renown brands with proven track record for reliability and quality.

With so many internationally renown brands, you can find products that will fit almost all your research needs. And if you can't, you can rely on Vivamui's global network of suppliers and private manufacturers to source for these items.


Aurora Instruments Ltd, based in Vancouver, Canada, is a manufacturer of analytical instruments for use in the elemental analyses sector. These instruments include Atomic Absorption/Plasma Emission Spectrometers, Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometers, Autosamplers, UV Spectrometers and Microwave Digestion Systems. Aurora also has a patented Capacitively Coupled Plasma source that is used exclusively in their products.


Camlab has been supplying water testing and laboratory equipment for nearly 60 years and has unrivalled experience in this area. Their expertise in the supply of laboratory products, instrumentation and consumables for scientific applications is backed up by solid results and customer satisfaction. Specialist activities include water analysis and process instruments, life science instrumentation, consumables and accessories, and an extensive range of laboratory equipment for pharmaceutical and industrial research.


Captair is a pioneer in the field of recirculating fume hoods of which Erlab has been an industry leader since 1968. Captair supplies ductless filtering fumehoods, vented filtering storage cabinets and PCR cabinets. There are products for sample production and biological investigation.


Cecil Instruments is the leading designer and manufacturer of HPLC systems, Ion Chromatography systems and UV/Visible Spectrophotometers. The Adept and Q-Adept ranges of modular HPLC and Chromatography sustems may be configured in isocratic, binary, ternary or quaternary gradient modes to suit individual laboratory requirements.


Edulab stocks the UK's most comprehensive range of scientific resources, with over 3000 items in stock. You can find a vast array of instruments, equipment and consumables used in research in the areas of Biology, Physics and Chemistry.


Electronic Sensor Technology, Inc has developed and patented a breakthrough chemical vapor analysis process. This process applies gas chromatography calculations and technology toward a wide variety of industries, including Homeland Security, Life Sciences, Chemical and Petrochemical, Food & Beverage and Environmental.


Genlab designs and manufacturers a range of indusrial ovens, laboratory ovens, incubators and associated thermal products. There is a comprehensive range of ovens, incubators and drying cabinets from 6 litres up to 1250 litres plus a range of heated water baths.


Global Cooling´s unique portable ultra-low temperature freezers are designed to meet the requirements for research, clinical and industrial applications. These high performance medical freezers are robust, quiet and easy to use, and can reach temperatures below -85° Celsius / -121° Fahrenheit.


idaho Technology produces the fastest, highest-quality machines in the world for pathogen identification and DNA analysis; including DNA amplification, real-time PCR, Hi-Res Melting®, mutation detection and genotyping.


A leading manufacturer and distributor to the worldwide scientific community since 1946. Today Jencons is a leading worldwide supplier of liquid handling products including Powerpette® manual and motorized pipette controllers, Safetypette™ manual and motorized pipette controllers, Zippette™ bottle-top dispensers, Digitrate® Bottle-Top Burets, and the Perimatic Premier Pump Dispenser

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  • Leveraging existing technology. In classrooms with just one computer, multimedia displays from Web-based and other sources can be seen by all students, no matter where they’re seated. Students no longer need to crowd around a single computer screen.