Vivamui Corporate Information

Business Units

Vivamui comprises of 3 divisions – Education, Laboratory and Multimedia. We offer scientific products, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for teaching and learning as well as content development for communications devices such as computers, mobile phones and tablet PCs. Our customers in the research industry and science education are able to obtain a complete solution for their laboratories – equipment, instruments and consumables to conduct their activities, ICT to instruct and convey their research findings and content development to present these information in the most effective ways. Any educator too can make use of our ICT products and content development to make teaching more productive and effective, learning more engaging and absorbing.

Science Division

Our Sciences Division provides the scientific community in South-east Asia with over 2,000,000 products from more than 15 brands appointed to us, as well as an extensive network of private manufacturers and artisans. Customers work with us to set up new laboratories, establish a reliable source for essential laboratory consumables and source for innovative solutions for creative scientific endeavours. Our in-depth experience with both laboratory hardware and software had enabled us to develop from scratch new laboratories for many customers and develop customized equipment for many projects.

Education Division

Our Education Division provides the know-how to institutions that require the most effective and engaging learning environments. Our system for Interactive Classroom is renown. Our experience in education and effective pedagogical approaches have helped many institutions to maximise the learning spaces at their institutions. Our Multi-sensory Interactive System are used by institutions to encourage exploration and the love of learning. Our multimedia laboratories help to make lessons more interesting and creative. And many science educators have benefited from our wide range of laboratory apparatus and science teaching aids.

Training Division

Vivamui's Studio Division creates from hardcopy texts and lessons, vivid and engaging software with animation, sound, video and interactive elements. Historical figures, scientific experiments, languages and many other academic subjects come alive for users of these software. Interactive elements involve the users and thus, help to reinforce the learning and improve the retention of information. We have the experience to create software for many platforms and communication devices. We believe that our customers would want their multimedia products accessible to as many users as possible whether they use a laptop or a mobile phone.