Vivamui Stem Division

Creative Coding Products and Courses

“Starting them young” in adapting technology is our philosophy and approach in STEM education.

Vivamui offers a variety of customized coding robotic Artificial Intelligence courses for different education levels using the following:

  • microbit Muselab booster (product exclusively to Vivamui)
  • KittenBot IOBit and Maqueen Robot car combined with different cardboard animals
  • simple Neopixel LEDs
  • many different sensors and actuators
  • customized project built products

Teaching focus is on using Scratch 3 and Microbit block program.

Courses offered (which are also offered online).

  • Microbit Basic Pragmatic Course
  • Microbit Internet of Things Course
  • Microbit App Application Course
  • Microbit Basic AI Machine Learning Courses
  • Online homebased courses