Vivamui Corporate Information

We stand out because of our service

Vivamui takes customer service so seriously that internally we refer to it as heartware.

Heartware - that is what we call our comprehensive product support and customer services. We call it heartware because it starts with by first having a genuine concern for our customers. Our people were selected not only for their impressive capabilities but also because they take immense pride in achieving satisfied and happy customers. It is customer service and support that is heartfelt and results from a keen appreciation of our customers' needs and concerns.

But what really makes us stand out from the rest is that we also believe in working hand in hand with our customers to customise as much as possible our services so that our customers can focus on their work and leave the purchasing and maintenance of essential products to us. We make available purchase data through online services for customers who need them, online quotations available 24/7 and even training for our customers' new hires as and when it is needed. We believe that service is all about you and what you need. Here are just some of the customized services that we have implemented for custoemrs because they need them:

  • Online availability to track purchases
  • Online quotations available 24/7
  • Warehousing services
  • Blanket ordering
  • Training plans for your new staff in equipment that you purchased from us

Talk to us about what you need and we will endeavor to make it happen.