Vivamui Corporate Information

Source Globally Buy Locally

Multi Universal Instrument has more than 10 years of experience in the scientific industry supplying scientific equipment, instruments and consumables to the scientific research and science education markets in the South East Asia region. In 2011, a merger with Vivanotion  enabled the company to offer education products to the teaching and learning community.

Our mission has always been to give our customers choice. From the very start, Vivamui had made it our corporate goal to be able to source products from anywhere in the world. At the same time, we have created a logistics network that enabled us to ship from anywhere in the world to our customers in South-East Asia. And a computerized system that allows us to keep track of our customer data and track shipments instantly. To enlarge our customers' choices even further, we have developed a network of manufacturers and artisans that can customize products for our customers.

Global network of suppliers and manufacturers

With over 15 internationally renown scientific brands and more than 2,000,000 scientific products, Vivamui has become a supplier of choice for many in the scientific research community. Couple this with our network of artisans and specialised manufacturers, our customers are able to source for almost all of their needs for the laboratory and their research activities. And we make it easy for our customers to buy. Customized services such as warehousing of essential and critical products, online availabilty of our product database and a customizable after-sales service programme help our customers to manage their purchases efficiently.

Extensive experience in global logistics

Vivamui is able to ship from almost anywhere in the world. Our partnership with global logistics companies and our years of experience shipping products from different continents ensure that our customers can obtain products from anywhere in the world and be sure that the products arrive in time and in good condition. And because all our operational activities are computerized and online, we can track and give our customers instant information on their shipments.

Leveraging on Information Technology

All of Vivamui's operational activities are computerized and available online to our staff and customers who want these data. Our online business suite is tailored to provide information instantly on our customers' quotes and purchases enabling our customers to obtain useful historical data on their sourcing activities. We are able to service our customers instantly and from anywhere because data is available online and 24/7. We are more efficient because our computerized system keeps track of all quotations, orders and delivery with reminders and alerts to ensure that there is minimum delay and absolutely no missing of important dates.