Vivamui Science Division

Special Services.

To Vivamui every customer is unique.

We believe that when it comes to customer service, it is not a case of one shoe fits all.

At Vivamui, we customize our customer service as much as possible to fit the needs of our customers. Other than our standard customer services, we have created new customer service plans or modify existing customer service plans to accommodate the needs of our customers. Here are some of the customer service plans that we have implemented for customers:

  • Blanket Orders. Our customers have infinite ways of executing their blanket orders with us because of our flexibility. Payment methods, duration of warehousing, minimum stocks and delivery are all customized to fit the needs of our customers.
  • Tapping into our computerized system. We have provided access to our computerized ERP system to customers who require information instantly. Selected customers can generate quotes 24/7 by using our product database. Customers can track the ordering and delivery of their products online. They can obtain historical data on their purchases.
  • Our training, warranty and maintenance programs are flexible enough to accommodate the different needs of our customers. We tailor training, warranty terms and maintenance services to suit every single customer when the need arises.