Vivamui Education Division

Maximize Your Learning Environments

Technology is now a central pillar of education and skills provision and it’s at the heart of what we do at Vivamui. Information and Communication Technology has the potential to transform teaching and learning, but only when it’s applied with a real understanding of education. Likewise, the learning environment can be designed to maximize learning by using the proper technology, techniques, the correct pedagogical approaches and a learning and teaching focused design.

Student needs and expectations, the technological and pedagogical tools available, as well as what it means to be educated in the 21st century learning are leading educators to envision education that is interactive, engaging and challenging.

For many people of all ages, using the interactivity and creative potential of technology is becoming a norm. They quite rightly expect to use it in their learning too. The challenge for schools, learning centres and skills providers is how to keep pace with this change, finding new ways of engaging and inspiring both tech-savvy learners and the hard to reach.

At Vivamui, we ask ourselves how we can use technology to stimulate learners and offer opportunities that will not just support and enhance learning but most importantly make the learning experience enjoyable.

We believe that a child who sees learning as pleasurable and challenging has a head-start on the journey of life-long learning and looks forward to the varied opportunities to explore and discover the many facets of our world.

At Vivamui, we are passionate about making every individual’s learning experience inspiring, flexible, ergonomically supportive and enjoyable. We never accept the status quo and always ask ourselves if there is a better way of doing things. Our products aim to shape education for the future in the following ways:

  • Enhancing student engagement.
  • Increasing productivity and improving knowledge management.
  • Creating learning experiences that inspire and motivate
  • Preparing students for the world that awaits them outside the classroom.
  • Nurturing communities that connect educators with each other and with resources to enhance teaching.
  • Developing software that invigorate learning and meet the needs of educators.
  • Employing pervasive and innovative use of technology.

We develop solutions that leverage the benefits of technology for learning and deliver tangible improvements and rewarding outcomes.